Our Mission

Hi! Welcome to the Coalition Crew! This is a limited collection of 5000 unique Cheetah NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. This project is technically broken up into three collections.

1st Collection - Coalition Crew (OG COLLECTION) Only 1010 avail. *Update - Sold out in less than a day!*

2nd Collection - Auction Cheetahs - 20 avail. These qualify for VIP access to all live events. The auction begins Jan 8th. Please visit our Discord for more info on this!

3rd Collection - Coalition Crew 2.0 - Only 3970 avail. This will wrap up the collection for the Coalition Crew project. Mint price is .09 ETH and you can mint up to 5. This collection will begin minting Jan 26th at 10am PST/1pm EST.

Out of the 5000 total, only 50 qualify for VIP access. Please visit our Discord for more info on which ones qualify for VIP.


Once minted or bought on OpenSea, please fill out this form to get access to the Academy.
If you sell your only cheetah, your access to the Academy will be suspended. You must own at least 1 to keep access.
After 3 months all holders will receive their cheetah adoption “paperwork”. This includes a photo, an adoption certificate, a stuffed animal, a species card + more!
We are launching a unique merchandise store for Coalition Crew Members to make custom gear.
All holders get automatic WL for future projects, as well as exclusive airdrops.

Meet the Founders:

Peter & Kayla Voogd

They are the founders of the Forbes featured Game Changers Academy
( GameChangersMovement.com ), which was created in 2013. They both have a deep passion for animals and for helping people, which is why the Coalition Crew is focused on both.

They want to pave a new way in the NFT space by giving back to the world, and by bringing utility that helps people become the best versions of themselves while also donating a portion of each sale to World Wildlife Foundation.

They have two amazing kids, Santana and Siena.

You can can learn more at PeterJVoogd.com.